Hey, I'm Jay 👋🏾 Welcome to Drifting Daydreamer!

This shop is the home for my various creations as a black, queer, trans & disabled artist who drifts from one way of making art to the next, going with the flow of my daydreams and following whatever sparks my joy. My shop offers thoughtfully made goodies that add bits of joy to your life.

All orders help support me and my creative endeavors, raise money for charity, and are sustainably made and packaged. Your support makes all this possible for which I am incredibly thankful.

I primarily have my items made in small batches with new items added and restocks in February, May, August, and November to reduce shipping & manufacturing emissions as well as waste from over-ordering items. This also helps me avoid burnout due to my disabilities while still regularly offering new art for you to enjoy! I like to take things slow to make sure everything I create is high-quality with low-impact on the Earth as well as my health.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Drifting Daydreamer! I hope there is joy and kindness in your day 💙